zac smith

author, etc.

Selected Fiction

The Man in the Basement in Muskeg Magazine
Tomorrow in Back Patio
Motorcycles in Riggwelter (p. 18)
The Hanged Man in Soft Cartel
$$$ in Maudlin House
The Egg in Beer Money
Gargoyle in X-R-A-Y Lit
Nail in Barren Magazine
Birds in Instant Literary Magazine
The Lord of the Beasts in The Jellyfish Review
Everyone Who Dies Goes to Hell in Muskeg Magazine
The In-School Suspension Supervisor in Sleazemag RIP
Doors in Hobart
Head in Soft Cartel
Loss in Philosophical Idiot
Flipped in X-R-A-Y Lit

Forthcoming Fiction

Forever in Philosophical Idiot
No Future in Wigleaf
Drunk in Medusa's Laugh Microtext #4

Conducted Interviews

Dirty Dishes, Alcoholic Millennials, And College: An Interview With Blake Middleton on the Apocalypse Party Blog (2019)
"It’s Like Getting to Pittsburgh": An Interview With Bud Smith in Vol. 1 Brooklyn (2019)
"Like a Horizontally Splayed Flying Squirrel in Zero Gravity": An Interview With Benjamin DeVos in Vol. 1 Brooklyn (2019)
"'Adventures in Babysitting' is a Classical Text": An Interview with Big Bruiser Dope Boy in Vol. 1 Brooklyn (2019)
"I Am Not a Nostalgic Person": An Interview With Brian Alan Ellis in Vol. 1 Brooklyn (2019)
Writing Soundtracks, Doom Metal, and Florida: An Interview With Sam Pink in Vol. 1 Brooklyn (2019)
Shoegazing with Troy James Weaver in The Nervous Breakdown (2019)

Academic Papers

The Role of Phonesthemes in Shoegaze Naming Conventions in Names: A Journal of Onomastics (2017)


Three Trucks (2017)
Event Semantics (2012-2015)